Saturday , 25 April 2015
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Great Clips $6.99 Haircut Sale April 2015

I just drove by a sign in Nashville announcing a Great Clips $6.99 Haircut Sale for April 2015! (See below for details…)

Great Clips $6.99 Haircut Sale

If you love the Great Clips $6.99 Haircut Sale events, then you’re going to want to check back here regularly.

I also appreciate the comment left below from one of our readers that she noticed the same $6.99 haircut sale going on in NJ…

The last Great Clips 6.99 Haircut Sale before this month happened February 18-24, 2015 and before that, the same February and April pattern happened in 2014 as well.

And yes, you heard me: $6.99. The Great Clips haircut sales had gone up to $7.99 over the past year, but it looks like Great Clips has once again dropped their price to $6.99.

Details and dates are below for Nashville, and I hope the same haircut sale is going on in other parts of the country, but I cannot verify that. However, I’ll keep looking up sale dates for you. (Plus find another Great Clips haircut coupon below!)

I thought Great Clips had permanently raised the price of their Great Haircut sale from $6.99 to $7.99, but I’m not complaining about this drop in price…I just hope it lasts beyond this haircut sale event.

great clips 6.99 haircut sale august 2014

We got my son’s back to school haircut and although the Great Clips Haircut Sale wasn’t going on, we used a $6.99 haircut coupon we received in the mail after our last haircut. Make sure your mailing address is up to date with Great Clips so you too can receive those coveted coupons!

The last Nashville Great Clips haircut sale happened from April 30-May 5, 2014… this means all Nashville Great Clips offered haircuts for only $7.99, regardless of age. You never know when another Great Clips haircut sale is going to pop up again, but you can be sure I’ll tell you right here!

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I understand some people don’t trust getting their hair cut at a place like Great Clips, but I recommend going and watching all the stylists cut someone before you and then ask for a particular stylist you identify with. It’s also helpful to ask your friends. We’ve found a great person to cut our kids’ hair at Great Clips just by asking friends whose kids’ haircuts we loved!

I also found a great recommendation for MY hair. It wasn’t at the Great Clips in our neighborhood, but was right down the road from our church, so equally convenient. Here’s a shot after my last trip to the Great Clips Great Haircut Sale (the wind blowing was natural…that wasn’t brought in just for the shot ;)

(FYI – even though I love a good deal, I would still tip based on the full amount of a regular haircut…especially if they did a great job and you plan on coming back again!).
Of course walk-ins are welcome, but I recommend looking up the closest Great Clips locations by you and checking in online so you don’t have to wait once you’re there (especially if you are taking your kids with you!).

 Great Clips $6.99 Haircut Sale Details

What: Haircuts for $6.99
Where: Great Clips locations
When: RIGHT NOW! (April 22-26, 2015)
Per Great Clips corporate offices, the Great Clips Haircut Sale is an ongoing promotion depending on market. Therefore, PLEASE check with your local salons for sales dates and price points before visiting. (And I’ll be sure to let you know exactly when it’s happening again here in Nashville)

Discount: save half off their normal priced haircut! (No coupon needed). 
Please remember to still tip your stylist on the full amount of the haircut.

Great Clips Haircut Coupon Dum Dums

Great Clips Haircut Coupon

What: Great Clips Coupon
Value: $2 off
Where to find: Dum Dums packages at your favorite store
When: 2015