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32 Cheap Kids Easter Basket Ideas


Even though Easter is this week, have no fear! I have 32 cheap kids Easter basket ideas for you that you can easily pull together before the weekend:

        1. Easter Stickers
        2. Sidewalk Chalk
        3. Bubbles
        4. Jump Rope
        5. Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs (my personal favorite)
        6. Easter Book
        7. Coloring Book
        8. DVDs (our kids especially love VeggieTales & What’s in the Bible)
        9. Glow Sticks
        10. Mini Figurines
        11. Coupons for Family Time
        12. Little Stuffed Animals
        13. Homemade Cookies
        14. Flowers from the garden
        15. Markers
        16. Ponytail Holders
        17. Green Army Men
        18. Marbles
        19. Mini Craft Kit (Don’t forget to use a Michael’s coupon!!!)
        20. Fake Tatoos
        21. Family picture in a frame they can decorate
        22. Lost treasures that you’ve discovered around the house (you know what I mean, moms!)
        23. Balloons
        24. Ball
        25. Gum
        26. Play-Dough
        27. Notebook (make your own with paper you’ve cut into fun shapes!)
          or Plastic Eggs filled with:
        28. Pennies
        29. Jelly Beans
        30. Scripture papers
        31. Mini Erasers
        32. M&Ms
Now that you have all the best budget Easter Basket Fillers, read my top 7 Cheap Easter Basket Ideas I shared on my “Talk of the Town” TV segment. If you live in Nashville, you’ll also want to check out where all the Nashville Easter Egg Hunts are this year!

What are your favorite Easter treats to surprise your kids with?

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