Sunday , 26 April 2015
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There’s no crying in car line!

Just dropped my kids off for school, barely on time, and now I’m pulled over in the parking lot sobbing like a baby.

It could be because I had to drive like a banshee to get there and then broke the rules somehow and didn’t drop them off in the right place, which led me to be reprimanded by the headmaster who is helping outside. It brought me back to that junior high, called into the principals office kind of feeling, but I never got called into the principals office, so could it even be that?

Is it just a release of emotions that is long overdue? Even as I just wrote those words the tears started flowing again, so maybe that’s it.

There has been so much going on for the past few weeks, trying to get back into a normal routine, while still not really understanding what normal is at this point.

In recent days, a lot of things that we have taken for granted as being a part of our lives have come into question, and perhaps I have not paused long enough to reflect on the impact that has had on my emotions and my family.

So here I sit, with a stuffed up nose and red eyes, desperately trying to pull myself together before I show up at the radio station, yet crying more every time I think about trying to stop.

I realize I cry more easily than most, but it’s not often that I cannot even tell you why I’m crying. In fact I’m thinking about deleting this post altogether, but that wouldn’t be very authentic now, would it?

So if you actually took the time to read this, please don’t feel sorry for me, just know that I needed to talk to someone, but didn’t think I could actually collect myself for long enough to carry on a conversation, so instead I decided to have one with you.

Am I alone here, or has anyone else ever felt this way too???