The nation’s thrill; a mother’s terror #PrayforBoston

pray hard 300x225 The nations thrill; a mothers terror #PrayforBoston

When news came of the Boston Marathon bomber suspect finally being apprehended last night, there was a thrill that came over the nation. I can only imagine that Bostonians in particular experienced a sense of relief that this terrorist had been caught and a sense of peace in knowing the lockdown has finally ended.

But for one mother, her terror is just beginning.

This terrorist is only 19 years old. Not only is he barely an adult himself, he is someone’s child.

He is a brother, a nephew, a friend.

And the reports from those who knew him all echo the same sentiment:
We would never have imagined he could do such a thing.”

He was described as “funny”, “nice”, & “a good athlete”…not “isolated”, “withdrawn” or “brooding”.

So what now for this family who has to face their own terror that is just beginning? Their world has been equally turned upside down by their sons’ (alleged) actions, yet I can guarantee they will not have the privilege of fighting this battle in private.

When I first learned how young the suspects were and that they were brothers, I posted this update to my Facebook wall:

In shock over the new developments in Boston. Brokenhearted to hear the new ‘WANTED’ suspect is only 19 years old. Imagine what could have happened if someone had poured peace and grace into his life instead of anger and hatred… 

I have no answers to you in writing this (not that any of us do), but I have a prayer I’d like you to join with me in praying. As you pray for the families in Boston today and everyone around the country who’s been affected by this horrific act, please consider praying for the suspects’ family as well. Pray for justice to be served, but for a path of peace to be laid as a result.

God bless America.


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Disappointed Parenting

Real Women Disappointed ParentingEver have one of those days? I did yesterday and I think the term “Disappointed Parenting” sums it up best for 2 reasons:
1. Because I found myself using the term ‘disappointed’ a lot with my kids &
2. because I ended up disappointed with myself at the end of the day

Let me set the stage for you just so you get as accurate a picture as possible:
It’s Spring Break, but we’re staying home (as any self-respecting frugal girl would do when the rest of the country is traveling icon wink Disappointed Parenting The kids would like to sit around in PJ’s all day alternating between watching Disney Junior and PBS Kids; I on the other hand, want to finally gain control back over our home after the traveling we did all last month.

So the battle begins.

It started out innocently enough. Kids wake up. Kids watch 1 show. Kids eat breakfast. Kids fight over daddy’s cut up t-shirt designed to help them look like Doc McStuffins….

Daddy intervenes. Daddy gets frustrated. Mommy gets frustrated at daddy for getting frustrated. Daddy walks away and says no one can play with the ‘doctor’s jackets anymore. Kids get sad and talk back. Mommy puts kids in chair to sit and stare at the wall in silence for 5 minutes.

20120404 073950 230x300 Disappointed ParentingMommy talks earnestly to children. Mommy expects great change of heart and earnest apology to daddy, but gets average attempts at both.

…thus started my day…

We proceeded to start organizing Britton’s room, which essentially turned into a battle over the label-maker.

We tried to take naps, which again turned into a debate over why we couldn’t have quiet time instead.

They asked the same questions over & over again and didn’t seem to hear anything I said…which, once, again, made me disappointed.

But then I actually remembered two things:
1. Philippians 3:1b NLT, which says: I never get tired of telling you these things, and I do it to safeguard your faith.

2. I once heard that ‘disappointed’ wasn’t a term used ever in the Bible; it’s just a dumbed down parental way of saying we’re ‘angry’ – Ouch!

It’s true. I was angry. I was angry that I had given up all my meetings and plans to be at home with them over Spring Break, but that they weren’t appreciating my efforts. I was angry that they weren’t remembering things I had taught them all these years. I was angry that they wanted snacks all day long…

Well, duh…they’re kids, they expect you to be home with them. They expect you to play with them. Believe it or not, they actually expect to be fed regularly too (who knew?)

But what really got me was that verse in Philippians. In the NIV Paul writes: “It is no trouble for me to write the same things to you again, and it is a safeguard for you…”. Am I not willing to safeguard my children? And who am I to think that I actually remember things the first time they’re told to me?

Sure, by now you’d think they’d remember to turn out their lights, brush their teeth and bring their plates to the sink after a meal. But they are only 6 & 7 after all, so if I freak out about these little things, chances are they won’t come to me when they’re 13 & 14 with the bigger issues they’re facing. Who am I to stifle a future conversation about smoking or sex, all because I over-reacted to a conversation about putting their shoes away in the right spot?

So at the end of the day, instead of being a disappointed parent, I was disappointed in my parenting.

But I had to remember that the same grace that Paul talks about in Philippians is not only extended to each other in the family of Christ, but to me from Christ as well.

So today I have another opportunity to do it all again. Chances are nothing will have changed with the kids overnight, yet I have the opportunity to change my attitude today.

I don’t have to be perfect, I just have to be real.

Have you had any parenting mishaps lately? Where do you need encouragement in your own parenting?

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Our kids model for the new Sweet Ceces Website

sweet ceces kariss 300x78 Our kids model for the new Sweet Ceces WebsiteYou may remember this winter when Sweet Cece’s put out a request on Facebook for families and kids to model for the new Sweet Ceces website. Though I originally had just sent in pictures for the kids to model, they asked for the whole family to come on out to the Franklin Sweet Cece’s on Main Street!

Well, the new Sweet Cece’s website is finally here and guess who’s on it???

You can see Kariss on the Sweet Cece’s experience page (it’s the picture on the far left above..and that’s me in the blue dress in her shadow)

sweet ceces britton 171x300 Our kids model for the new Sweet Ceces WebsiteBritton is at the top of the pictures on the Sweet Cece’s Toppings page, and his face is even sweeter than that frozen yogurt he’s holding! (Though I do love me some Original Tart and Pomegranate Raspberry sorbet swirled together!!!)

I want to wish each and every mom out there a Happy Mother’s Day! I’m so thankful for my little sweeties!


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Mother's Day Freebies

The Thrifty Mama compiled an amazing list of Mother’s Day Freebies. If you’re still wondering what to do with mom this weekend, check out some of  the deals below!
*Remember, deals vary by state, so always be sure to call in advance to confirm the location nearest you is participating!

Michael’s- Free craft projects that kid’s can make for their Moms. Details HERE.

Target: Free 10×13 Portrait picture with coupon HERE.

Free Ringtone from PBS, “I Love My Mom” HERE.

Bob Evan’s-Free Slice of Pie 4PM with printable HERE.

Texas de Brazil - Mom’s eat free on Mother’s day (Valid up to 2 complimentary mothers ONLY per table/reservation with the purchase of 2 regular price dinners). Please print and present offer to server to receive discount. Reservations are suggested.  Print HERE. Locations HERE.

Mama Fu’s- Moms get a free meal with a $15 purchase or more, locations HERE.

Ikea -Moms get a free breakfast and small cup of coffee, locations HERE.

TCBY- Moms get a free cup or cone of ice cream on Mother’s Day, details and locations HERE.

Carino’s is giving Moms a free 3-course meal with a purchase of any entree, plus you can get 1/2 off of one entree.  Details HERE.

Smokey Bones is offering Moms a free meal with the purchase of another meal of equal or lesser value. Locations HERE.

Beef O’ Brady’s is giving Mom’s a free meal. You must bring at least one child with you.  Locations HERE.

El Pollo Loco will be accepting the free meal KFC coupons, details HERE.

Champps Americana - Moms get a free meal with the purchase of another meal, printable HERE.

San Francisco Bay area museums (17 of them) are offering FREE admission for the entire family on Mother’s Day, details HERE.

Botanical Conservatory in Indiana is offering Moms free admission, details HERE.

Waterworld (Concord, California)- get in for free on Mother’s Day, locations HERE.

Free Mesh bag from Avenue with this printable HERE.

Texas Land and Cattle - Free Entree for Mom’s with Printable HERE.

Cafe Capriccio - Mom’s eat Free. Locations HERE.

TGI Fridays - Mom’s get a free dessert. Details and locations HERE.

Cold Stone Creamery - Free ice cream for mom in select locations (Denver,Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Greeley and Pueblo Area, and possibly more ). Locations HERE.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo – free admission for moms.  Location HERE.

Let’s Dish - Free meal for new Moms, details HERE (Maryland and North Virginia).

Maduro’s Cuban Cuisine - Moms get a free meal on Mother’s Day, details HERE.

Grandy’s - Free Buffet for Moms, locations HERE.

Outback Steakhouse - $10 Gift Card for Moms to use on their next visit, details HERE.

***ALSO – Lowe’s is doing a free workshop on Saturday – a Mother’s Day Planter, and I also heard that Publix is offering a $3/25 coupon in the store this weekend!

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