Want to Watch Church Online Anytime?

watch church online anytime Want to Watch Church Online Anytime?

So many of you came to me to find out where you could watch church online for Easter services, I wanted to now give you a resource for those of you who want to watch church online anytime.

Believe me, I understand just how intimidating it can be to walk into a new church, regardless of whether or not you’re already a Christian! Not only are you wondering about what they believe, but as human beings, it’s also hard not to think about how and where you’ll fit in as a newbie.

That’s just one reason I love watching church online: it gives you a chance to hear how a church worships and experience the teaching style in the comfort of your own home.

Of course, I love being able to watch church online when it’s convenient to me, whether it’s because I missed a weekend service or I just need an extra dose of encouragement and inspiration.

I also think it’s valuable not to live in a bubble. Even if you love your church, it’s important not to begin believing that your congregation’s way is the ONLY way to worship. There are a TON of amazing Bible teachers out there and the internet has made it possible for us to learn from all of them.

Now don’t get me wrong – online church isn’t just a chance for you to interview churches for the sake of saying ‘What’s in it for me?”. Ultimately, you will only get out of worship what you put into it. So even though I find tremendous value in being able to watch different church services online, it’s vital that you make sure to get plugged in to a church where you can continue to grow, learn, share, and serve.

Online Church Services to Watch:

Crosspoint Church Online Services

Twitter: @crosspoint_tv

Christ Fellowship Church Online Services

Twitter:@CFImpact and @ChurchOnline

LifeChurch Online Services

Twitter: @lifechurchtv

Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale Online Services

Twitter: @CalvaryFTL

North Point Community Church Online Services

Twitter: @NorthPointOrg

Willow Creek Community Church Online Services

Twitter: @WillowCreekCC

Saddleback Church Online Services

Twitter: @Saddleback

Want more practical ways to connect faith & life? Check out my devotions by topic.


If you belong to a great church that also has online services, please share it below!

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Watch Church Online: Easter Services (Crosspoint & Christ Fellowship)

If you’re not sure about going to church this Easter, or simply cannot physically get to church, I would encourage you to watch church online this Easter and check out the following services from two of my favorite churches: Crosspoint (in Nashville, TN) and Christ Fellowship (Palm Beach Gardens, FL).

Looking to watch church online anytime? I have a list for you…  

Actually, those locations aren’t exactly accurate: both churches describe themselves as “one church that meets in multiple locations” and both have several different campuses around their respective cities. You see, Christ Fellowship was my church home from the time I came to know Christ when I lived in Jupiter, FL to nine years later when I moved up here to Nashville. Crosspoint has been my church home since 2010.

I love both deeply.

That’s one reason I’m so grateful both offer online services – not only for when I’m traveling and can’t make it to service in person, but so that I can continue to feel like I’m a part of my church families no matter where I am in the world.

I realize Easter is one of those special times of year for multiple reasons:
-for those of us who call Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, we reflect on His crucifixion and celebrate His resurrection
-for those who are not Christians, it represents a time to question – a time to wonder – a time to ponder. It also represents a certain safety in exploring faith…

Yet I recognize (as someone who didn’t grow up in the church), that walking into a church on Easter Sunday can seem extremely intimidating. While most churches go out of their way to make people feel welcome on any given Sunday, they are out in full force on Easter Sunday. This simple act of hospitality can seem overwhelming to those of us who have never experienced the warmth of God’s unconditional love, the hope of His grace or the promise of His forgiveness…

So whether you find yourself simply on the road away from your church home or align with this latter group I just mentioned, I would encourage you to check out one of my two church homes’ online services this Easter!

2737 300x168 Watch Church Online: Easter Services (Crosspoint & Christ Fellowship)

Crosspoint Church Online Easter Services

Watch/Listen LIVE at 11:15am & 6pm CST
If you want to visit Crosspoint live, check out the graphic above for locations & service times
You can also follow along the interactions on Twitter @crosspoint_tv

925aeceb63 300x132 Watch Church Online: Easter Services (Crosspoint & Christ Fellowship)

Christ Fellowship Church Online Easter Services

If you want to watch Easter online at Christ Fellowship, here is the schedule (I’m watching/listening right now even as I type this post!):
Friday 3/29: 6pm, 7:30pm
Saturday 3/30: 4pm, 5:30pm, 7:30pm
Sunday 3/31: 1am, 3am, 7am, 8:30 am, 10:30am, 12:12pm, 2pm , 8pm , 10pm
Monday 4/1: 8pm
Tuesday 4/2: 12pm and 10pm
Wednesday 4/3: 8pm
Thursday 4/4: 12pm, 10pm

There is not possibly enough space here to list all the Christ Fellowship live Eater services, but you can click the link for the full schedule.
You can interact on Twitter by following @CFImpact and @ChurchOnline

If you belong to a great church that also has online services, please share it below! Happy Easter to all!

Just curious, would you be more likely to walk into a new church if you were first able to experience it online?

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Why did Drew Middleton leave Tenth Avenue North?

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Ok, so I find it odd that on my family blog where I do little else but talk about the funny things my kids say and babble about the interesting (to me) things that God reveals to me during the in-between moments of my day, the most popular seach is “Why did Drew Middleton leave Tenth Avenue North?” Really? Why don’t more people want to know about what I cook and whether or not my kids eat it?

Anyway, if you’re like all the others and seem to be just as curious about where this amazing musician and friend is these days, what he’s up to and why he’s no longer part of Tenth Ave anymore (which is still just as amazing and we’re so proud of you guys!), then click HERE to read my “article” on this very topic.

Thanks, Drew, for allowing me to share your story; I hope I’ve done your heart justice!

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Why did Drew leave Tenth Avenue North?

I find it interesting that the most popular search on this blog (my personal, family blog) is, “Why did Drew Middleton leave Tenth Avenue North?”

Perhaps because we bragged about our friend when he came to Nashville this past spring to claim his BMI Songwriter’s award for his work on the hit, “Love is Here”. After all, I’ve known Drew since he and the boys led worship for our church’s college group in Florida. As the female mentor for the ministry, I enjoyed worshipping with and watching the guys grow in the Lord.

It wasn’t until a few years later that I really got to know Drew.  I learned that he and some of the other ‘kids’ that I served with were getting married! Not only were they getting married, but many now held positions within the church. That meant that their new brides would be graduating college, moving out on their own for the first time AND becoming a pastor’s wife in a sense. Being a recent newlywed myself (just four years prior), my heart became burdened for these precious women (most of whom I’d not yet met!) and started a group to mentor these newlyweds. I met with the girls, my husband met with the guys, and we’d regularly all come together as couples…and it was awesome.

So while I’ve known Mike D. and the Tenth Ave gang for about ten years, it wasn’t until the past three that I’ve had the pleasure of really getting to know Drew and his precious wife, Shannon. You can imagine my surprise when, on a blog where I normally discuss funny things my kids say and my wonderment at the world around me,  there were daily searches on Tenth Avenue North, Drew Middleton and more specifically, why Drew left the band.

So I finally asked him.

It’s amazing how little I really knew about how the band got its start. I learned that it did in fact get its name from the road in Lake Worth where a few of the guys lived back when there were in college. I learned that Drew was not one of the original members of the band (he joined when they were all in college at PBA, not too long after he came in second place to their first place finish at a Battle of the Bands on campus). And I finally learned that Drew left the band because he felt God tugging on his heart to return to ministry at his local church.

“Through college, it was a good time – nothing that demanded our full time attention – if someone asked for a show we’d go play.” After he graduated, most of the guys worked part time at the church in the fall and winter and then the band went on tour in the off times and during the summer. However, after all the guys had worked at Christ Fellowship part time for a year, they went to the church to let them know they felt called to pursue the band full time. From that point in 2005 through 2006, Drew and the guys concentrated their full energies on the band, even releasing two full length albums and some EP’s.

So why did Drew walk away from it all?

“I felt this tug on my heart to go back to Christ Fellowship. I just knew it was what God was calling me to do, though at the time, I didn’t know why.”

Drew was engaged then and while he knew his future wife would always support him in whatever he felt God called him to do, Drew believed it was time for him to go back to the local church and lead worship. At the same time, his friend and fellow band-mate (Danny Zayas, who had just married his wife Renee a year earlier) approached Drew with a similar sentiment.

Ironically, things were starting to take off for the band. They had just met with some guys in Nashville and were considering what record label to sign with. “We were at a conference somewhere in Florida and were meeting as a band when Danny & I spoke up and said we felt called to bow-out of the band. Needless to say, the other guys were shocked.”

It was never their intent to deliver a double-whammy. They knew it would be a big deal to lose two members at once, but both Drew & Danny stayed on and played for several more months until their “Hello/Good-Bye Show” at City Place where they introduced Jeff (Owen) into the band and said goodbye to Drew & Danny.

Does Drew have any regrets about leaving the band?

“For the first two years after I left the band I had no regrets (even though they had a lot of success). I started feeling regret the last time I was in Nashville. Not because of the Dove Awards or the recognition or the hit song, I had regrets because being up there and hanging out with the guys again reminded me of the family nucleus we had as a band. More than friends, we were like a family church, constantly looking out for one another, encouraging each other and spurring one another on to do great things for God. Did we fight? Yeah. Were there times we wanted to rip each other’s faces off? Absolutely…but what a great group of guys. My regret is 50% because I know God has me here for this time and using me down in FL, but I think I’ll always vicariously live through them after being such a part of that band and that industry for 5-6- years. When that’s all you hang out with for so long, of course there’s going to be a tug.  All that to say my regret isn’t that I left the band and all this success; I miss the guys and that nucleus.”

So what’s next for Drew?
“You’re asking the wrong guy – it’s up to the Lord.
I can tell you what I’d like to be doing, but who knows if that’s what God has for me. I have some dreams and some ambitions, but God has his perfect will and I’m going to make sure I’m following that.”

Not to worry; the guys are still as close as brothers. They’ve sang at each other’s weddings, hang out together even when they’re not singing and are now welcoming children into the Tenth Avenue North Family.

While Drew isn’t welcoming any children of his own just yet, he does have some valuable advice for young ones looking to get into the music industry:
“Never give up playing or learning more about your craft. You constantly need to ask yourself, ‘How can I get better at what I’m doing – spiritually and musically?’”

To bands just getting started, Drew suggests the same as what kept his band so close: “Do whatever you can to encourage one another all the time. Get in the habit of speaking words of encouragement to your band-mates. It’s all too easy to get caught up in character flaws and focusing on the wrong (negative) thing.”

“When every band gets started, there seems to be a #1 goal of getting a record deal – don’t let that be your goal. That was never our goal (to be signed) and I think that’s why they (Tenth Avenue North) have achieved the success they have, because that was never our goal. God brought that to us, but we were never out searching for it. Don’t make getting signed your life ambition because:
1. It’s the wrong goal – your goal should be to uphold Christ above all else and pursue him.
2. What will you do after you get signed? Most have a plan but some don’t, so don’t get caught up in that rabbit trail.”

While he may be done with the road for now, music and songwriting is still an integral part of Drew’s life. He is now a worship pastor at Christ Fellowship church in Florida and is married to Shannon, a beautiful and talented girl in her own right (which I can say proudly because she’s such a good friend too!). Personally, I hope Drew continues to win many more awards for his amazing songs so that we get to see more of the Middletons in Nashville!

Thanks, Drew, for allowing me to dig a little deeper into your passions and for speaking so candidly. Ricky and I are so proud to call you friends and we pray many others will benefit and grow from reading your story and learning of your continuing faithfulness, both to God, your family and your craft!

To see some pictures of Drew’s winning moments (and his wonderful wife), click here to see my earlier post.

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Parenting in HD

During last week’s sermon at our home church in Florida, Christ Fellowship, Pastor Tom Mullins shared some great, practical and godly words on parenting.

I love sharing great resources, so if you’d like to listen to the entire sermon, you can click HERE. Otherwise, just take a quick look at the following outline and maybe one of the points will speak to you and your family today:
1. Establish your child’s spiritual foundation (Deut 6:5-7)
2. Lead by Example (1 Corinthians)
3. Have an unending stream of affirmation & affection
4. Create a spiritual environment at home (Josh 24:15)
5. Make home a safe place to communicate
6. Have clear boundaries (Eph 6:4)
7. Have a balanced presence in your kids’ lives)
8. Make home a welcome place
9. Equip your child for the cultural battle
10. Pray for and with your child
-everything of eternal importance begins with prayer

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