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Do You Make Time for Kid Dates?

Do you make time for kid dates

Do you make time for kid dates?

You know what I mean right? I’m talking one-on-one time with just you and one of your kids doing something THEY want to do, not just taking them along with you on an errand somewhere.

The funny thing is, when you take the time to study your children and then intentionally invest in their lives on a one-on-one basis, the return is immeasurable :)

Making time for kid dates these days can be difficult, especially when you consider that it’s tough for moms to even go to the bathroom by ourselves.

But I’m here to plea with you to consider doing exactly that.

Sometimes I get really creative with our kids’ dates, like when I came up with an American Girl Doll Scavenger Hunt to surprise my daughter with the new Saige doll or when I planned a “Girl Mom Weekend” to Atlanta to spend time together and talk about the transition from little girl to young woman.

Making Time for Kid Dates

Other times I keep it simple and just take my son on a picnic to his favorite tree near our home or we catch a movie and grab some ice cream afterwards (and yes, even though I love my kids, I still find a deal, take them to a matinee, or use my rewards points so it doesn’t have to break the bank).

Regardless of whether you have one child or seventeen, finding those moments to spend individual time with each child has a multiplying effect.

However you decide to spend time individually with your kids, never forget the immortal words of Nike: “Just Do It!”

Here are just a few simple ideas for your individual kid dates:

  • Take them to dinner at their favorite restaurant (even if it’s not as healthy as you’d like)
  • Learn a new hobby together
  • Get rid of all technology and spend time alone in nature together
Do you set aside time each month for special time with your kids? If so, I’d love to hear some of your kid date ideas below!

To read my full post on Making Time for Individual Kid Dates, head on over to the Wishing Well blog.

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