Sunday , 14 September 2014
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Kiehl’s National Cleanse Day: July 17, 2014

I have exciting news for all you Kiehl’s Since 1851 lovers out there.  They are having a National Cleanse Day on Thursday July 17th from 4pm-close in ALL their stores.  All you have to do is find the closest store to you and call to schedule a FREE skin consultation and then you also get a FREE deluxe sample to ... Read More »

Seeing LA through sunroofs: the cool Kia Sorento

cool kia sorento

Every time we take our minivan into get serviced and we pick up the kids from school in a new car, they get excited out of their minds. Even if it’s not a “new” car that we are picking them up in, it’s new to them, and that equals excitement. And it’s not just a guy thing, my daughter gets ... Read More »

Pen of the Day #PenOfTheDay

pen of the day

It’s your fault… You encouraged me… and now you’ve created a monster! What started as a bit of  joke as I tried to garner support after my Black Friday Sharpie shopping spree has now turned into a digest of my ultimate pen collection: Pen of the day (you can follow my posts on Instagram & Twitter along with the #PenOfTheDay ... Read More »

Top “25″ Albums

No, this is not a list of my top 25 albums, but rather a list of my top picks for albums titled “25″. Who knew, right? I never imagined “25″ was a popular album title. But I stumbled upon a greatest hits compilation from one of the first Christian artists I came to know and love, Crystal Lewis, and when ... Read More »

The mCAM iPhone Camera Cover every Blogger needs

mcam lite iphone 5 camera

Have you heard of the mCAM yet? I was on the verge of buying a DSLR because I knew I needed to take my blog photography up a notch. But then I ran into a professional photographer/videographer at an event and my jaw dropped to the ground. I literally grabbed him by the shoulder to find out what he was ... Read More »

LEGO Star Wars Christmas Advent Calendar 2013

LEGO Star Wars Christmas Advent Calendar 2013

Getting the LEGO Star Wars Christmas Advent Calendar 2013 was a MUST for our family, since the LEGO Advent calendar has become a tradition in the Cone Home ever since Britton won one at a Christmas party a few years back. You can watch the big reveal when we gave our kids their 2013 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar: Every ... Read More »

How MyPoints Rewards Earned Points in my Marriage

mypoints rewards earned

Do you remember a time before blogs? Before Twitter? Before Facebook? (Gasp). These social media tools have become such an integrated part of our everyday lives, especially for me as a blogger, that it is hard to remember life without them. But believe me, I was finding ways to win things, get stuff for free, and eat out with gift ... Read More »

Saige American Girl Doll Giveaway (+ Saige Paints the Sky DVD!)

saige american girl doll giveaway dvd

You may remember not long ago when I shared about the Saige American Girl doll scavenger hunt I came up with to surprise my daughter with the 2013 American Girl Doll of the Year. I also had the pleasure of hosting a Saige American Girl Doll giveaway earlier this year. I received SO many amazing responses, both here and on ... Read More »

Wailani’s Body Scrubs Review

wailani's body scrub giveaway coconutty calm review

I’m so proud to bring you a Wailani’s Body Scrubs Review! As a woman who used to find much of my identity in the work I did, it was hard to come home and “just be a mom”. It’s a privilege for me to now be a working mom, but working at something I love to do and following my ... Read More »