Sunday , 1 February 2015
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Kids & Technology: VTech InnoTab MAX Review & Giveaway

Britton InnoTab MAX screen

It should come as no surprise that our kids – ages 8 & 10 – have been begging for their own technology for some time now. I think it started when my daughter was 8, saying EVERYONE in her third grade class had an iPhone except for her. We told her to get over it. But there’s no denying that ... Read More »

A Child’s Desire: A Parent’s Need {WebSafety}


My daughter has a propensity towards art. Her desire to draw is only limited by her own imagination. But being a first born with perfectionist tendencies, I noticed her start giving up on her passion for design when she made mistakes over and over again. Unmoved by my comforting words that art is a process and that she simply needed more ... Read More »

My Favorite Disney Social Media Moms Sponsors: Disneyland 2014

Disney Social Media Moms Logo

While I was by no means required to write about the sponsors of the 2014 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, I was thrilled to discover Disney partnered with some brands our family already loved, along with others that we came to love after learning more at the event. Of course, I’d be a fool to think that any event would ... Read More »

Kiehl’s National Cleanse Day: July 17, 2014

I have exciting news for all you Kiehl’s Since 1851 lovers out there.  They are having a National Cleanse Day on Thursday July 17th from 4pm-close in ALL their stores.  All you have to do is find the closest store to you and call to schedule a FREE skin consultation and then you also get a FREE deluxe sample to ... Read More »

Seeing LA through sunroofs: the cool Kia Sorento

cool kia sorento

Every time we take our minivan into get serviced and we pick up the kids from school in a new car, they get excited out of their minds. Even if it’s not a “new” car that we are picking them up in, it’s new to them, and that equals excitement. And it’s not just a guy thing, my daughter gets ... Read More »

Pen of the Day #PenOfTheDay

pen of the day

It’s your fault… You encouraged me… and now you’ve created a monster! What started as a bit of  joke as I tried to garner support after my Black Friday Sharpie shopping spree has now turned into a digest of my ultimate pen collection: Pen of the day (you can follow my posts on Instagram & Twitter along with the #PenOfTheDay ... Read More »

Top “25” Albums

No, this is not a list of my top 25 albums, but rather a list of my top picks for albums titled “25”. Who knew, right? I never imagined “25” was a popular album title. But I stumbled upon a greatest hits compilation from one of the first Christian artists I came to know and love, Crystal Lewis, and when ... Read More »

The mCAM iPhone Camera Cover every Blogger needs

mcam lite iphone 5 camera

Have you heard of the mCAM yet? I was on the verge of buying a DSLR because I knew I needed to take my blog photography up a notch. But then I ran into a professional photographer/videographer at an event and my jaw dropped to the ground. I literally grabbed him by the shoulder to find out what he was ... Read More »

LEGO Star Wars Christmas Advent Calendar 2013

LEGO Star Wars Christmas Advent Calendar 2013

Getting the LEGO Star Wars Christmas Advent Calendar 2013 was a MUST for our family, since the LEGO Advent calendar has become a tradition in the Cone Home ever since Britton won one at a Christmas party a few years back. You can watch the big reveal when we gave our kids their 2013 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar: Every ... Read More »

How MyPoints Rewards Earned Points in my Marriage

mypoints rewards earned

Do you remember a time before blogs? Before Twitter? Before Facebook? (Gasp). These social media tools have become such an integrated part of our everyday lives, especially for me as a blogger, that it is hard to remember life without them. But believe me, I was finding ways to win things, get stuff for free, and eat out with gift ... Read More »