Different Kids, Different Discipline

I recently decided to make “Chore Boards” for my kids after hearing about a similar suggestion during last month’s Moms Together meeting (If you want to know the difference between a chore board and a chore chart, I can tell you in a later post).

The kids don’t get paid for doing their chores, it’s just a part of what they need to do as a contributing member of our family. However, I decided they will have to pay ME if they don’t complete their chores.

Yesterday when the kids wanted to do something, I reminded them that if I went up to their room and their chores weren’t done, they would have to pay me.

Upon hearing that news, Kariss (my first born, meticulous child) RACED up to her room to make sure everything was done so she wouldn’t have to part with any money. Britton, on the other hand (my second born, free-spirited, generous child), simply went to his pile of coins he had already been playing with on the floor and said, “Here you mommy, I’ll just give you the money now…do you need any more money?”

Guess I’ll need to come up with a different motivator for that one icon wink Different Kids, Different Discipline

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A movie I can identify with

I just saw a preview for a movie with Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker where two “city folk” find themselves deep in the country. They showed a plate featuring a traditional Southern breakfast (as I’ve come to know thanks to my husband – eggs, bacon, biscuits, gravy, the works) and Hugh Grant says, “…at least you didn’t eat the breakfast; I can feel my organs shutting down one by one…”
I’m still laughing.

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E.L.F. cosmetics + Free Restaurant.com gift card

 E.L.F. cosmetics + Free Restaurant.com gift card

Spend $15 on anything on e.l.f’.'s site and receive a FREE $25 Restaurant gift card with your order. Just click on the above picture and use coupon code YUMMY through December 15, 2009 to take advantage of this promotion.

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I haven't forgotten about you…

Have you missed me today? I promise, I haven’t forgotten about you. If anything, today’s lack of posts will just remind you that I’m a real person, with a real life and real issues.

No excuses, just an explanation. Monday I took our family van into the shop for what I thought would be a routine system check. After 3 hours in a waiting room with 2 kids, I learn that not only did I have a nail in one tire, the torc something-or-other had to be replaced and some equally weird sounding system was out of whack (don’t I inspire you with my automotive know how?).

I ended up having to leave the van there overnight, which left me stranded at home without a vehicle (which is probably why I found so many deals yesterday!). Of course, a part still hadn’t come in as of yesterday and while they were supposed to pay for a rental car, there was some miscommunication and we were never contacted  by the rental company.

Long story short, we finally got our van back today, so I had to do all the running around I’d been putting off for the past two days. The good news is that because of a mess-up by the Honda dealer in FL, the two-thousand dollar issue was covered under warranty, so we were “only” left to pay for the tire, plus Crest Honda offered us two free oil changes because of the extra time it took. I didn’t even have to use my “Ask” method icon wink I haven't forgotten about you...

So, now you know all about me (see, we’re more alike than you’d imagined, right?); why don’t you tell me what your week has been like! Any deals you’ve noticed? Any fun holiday events you’ve found? Any crazy stories you just need to get off your chest?

To make it up to you, I have a great giveaway starting tomorrow, so be sure to check back in the morning for a fun holiday treat! Thanks for sticking around…

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Sonic Corn Dogs for $.50

corn dog 167x300 Sonic Corn Dogs for $.50
I had previously reported that Sonic Limeade’s are Free from 2-5pm tomorrow (10/31), but I also just got an email that their famous corn dogs are $.50 tomorrow (10/31) from 5-10pm.

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Tuesday's Freebies: 10/6

I know, I know….you’re thinking it’s too good to be true, but it’s not! You asked and I’m answering – more Freebies!

Since I personally don’t like seeing blogs with a lot of posts, I try to consolidate mine into one, so here are the latest Freebies I’ve found. Why wait for Friday?!?!

*Ted’s Montana Grill - don’t forget to visit Ted’s for Clue #3 to win a FREE lunch today!

*FREE PHOTOS – get 50 FREE photos from CVS here

*L’Oreal - FREE sample of L’Oreal Ever Pure here

*Snapfish – FREE cards to help you Share to Care here

*A&W – not a freebie, but print this coupon for $.50 off a shake or swirl

*Garnier - FREE Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition sample here

*Medieval Times - FREE feast on your birthday. Details here

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FREE Uncrustables

smuckers 300x82 FREE Uncrustables
Be one of the first 20,000 to submit an afterschool tip HERE and get a coupon for a FREE box of Smuckers Uncrustables sent to you! Hurry, this will go fast!

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Thanks for being a Fan!

I just went to look at my eCONEmic Living page on Facebook and discovered I have 400 fans! Thanks for joining this journey with me. I think to celebrate I’ll do a special giveaway to get us to 500, but I’ll have to think about that AFTER finishing our move this weekend!

If you’re not a FAN yet, click HERE or on the image in my right column to become one today! You’ll get the latest links to the best Freebies and Deals!

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Estate Sale

While I’m all about having my own garage sales to both rid clutter and make some extra cash, I’m not as big of a fan of going around to garage sales.

However, on my way home from dropping Kariss off at school on Friday I spotted a “Moving/Estate Sale” sign. Surely, this would be a jackpot waiting for my arrival!

Not so much.

Once I navigated the treacherous, winding, pebble driveway, I discovered a few OLD clothes (both old in how long they’d been in existence and old in who they’d appeal to) and some other broken trinkets that I’m sure had a lot of sentimental value for the purveyor of said estate sale.

And for that matter, I know strongly believe there should be a governing body deciding on what can and cannot be referred to as an “Estate Sale”. I believe there is a certain expectation of quantity or quality when you go to an estate sale, and haphazardly using the tagline to attract unknowing neighbors (like myself!) should warrant a penalty….I suggest these could be handed out like the fashion police; they don’t carry hard jail time, but they stop and make you think before ever repeating the act again!

So, all you Southerners that are aware of this vicious trend, join me in my plight to rescue unknowing citizens from cat-hair covered couches and kitchy kitchen items that have seen better days.

And that being said…anyone in the mood to help us move in a couple weeks (and maybe find some items to keep and use at your next garage sale) just let us know – we’re always happy to share in excitement icon smile Estate Sale

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cold cereal

I just discovered a box of cereal in my fridge…
…can anyone else relate?
The week is too early for my mind to be losing it already!

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