The nation’s thrill; a mother’s terror #PrayforBoston

pray hard 300x225 The nations thrill; a mothers terror #PrayforBoston

When news came of the Boston Marathon bomber suspect finally being apprehended last night, there was a thrill that came over the nation. I can only imagine that Bostonians in particular experienced a sense of relief that this terrorist had been caught and a sense of peace in knowing the lockdown has finally ended.

But for one mother, her terror is just beginning.

This terrorist is only 19 years old. Not only is he barely an adult himself, he is someone’s child.

He is a brother, a nephew, a friend.

And the reports from those who knew him all echo the same sentiment:
We would never have imagined he could do such a thing.”

He was described as “funny”, “nice”, & “a good athlete”…not “isolated”, “withdrawn” or “brooding”.

So what now for this family who has to face their own terror that is just beginning? Their world has been equally turned upside down by their sons’ (alleged) actions, yet I can guarantee they will not have the privilege of fighting this battle in private.

When I first learned how young the suspects were and that they were brothers, I posted this update to my Facebook wall:

In shock over the new developments in Boston. Brokenhearted to hear the new ‘WANTED’ suspect is only 19 years old. Imagine what could have happened if someone had poured peace and grace into his life instead of anger and hatred… 

I have no answers to you in writing this (not that any of us do), but I have a prayer I’d like you to join with me in praying. As you pray for the families in Boston today and everyone around the country who’s been affected by this horrific act, please consider praying for the suspects’ family as well. Pray for justice to be served, but for a path of peace to be laid as a result.

God bless America.


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Do you hear what I hear?

005 224x300 Do you hear what I hear?Anyone who has had to get children ready for church early on a Sunday morning, especially by yourselves, knows it is no simple task.

In fact, I”m going to go out on a limb and say it’s probably not your most shining moment.

Why is it that the basic things your kids normally can do every morning (whether it’s a baby waking up on schedule, a small child going to the bathroom on their own or an older child dressing themselves) seem to go out the window when you’re in a rush? Before you know it, you’re scolding, screaming and spanking at every turn.

How ironic that as we’re preparing to go to worship and learn to be more like Jesus, we display characteristics that couldn’t be further from Him.

“Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus… (who) made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant” ~ Philippians 2:4

Inevitably, the guilt creeps in on the drive there and before you exit your vehicle, you find yourself apologizing and asking everyone to put on a happy face before you walk through the church doors.

001 300x224 Do you hear what I hear?Recently, I did an experiment with my kids. I took a picture (ok, so it was an expired coupon, but it was all I had on hand!) and asked my kids to think of some of the unkind things they’d said to each other earlier that day. As they alternated responses, I’d rip another piece of the picture.

After about six rips, I then asked them to think of kind things they could have said. As they did, we rebuilt the picture together (which now resembled more of a puzzle).

Though we finally completed the picture, you could still see where tears had been made and edges were ragged. The bigger point was that once you tear someone down, scars will always remain, even after you try to build them back up.

What do you hear in your life? In your home? In your car? Is it life-giving words or life-stealing? Why not start today by re-inventing your family’s soundtrack.

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God Knows All

This then is how we know that we belong to the truth, and how we set our hearts at rest in his presence whenever our hearts condemn us. For God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything.

-1 John 3:19-20


Are you still having trouble resting in Him?  Do you still have a restless heart?  Do you want to be at peace, but something is lying so heavily on your heart that you cannot let go?


God already knows about it!  Sometimes we hold on to things so tightly for fear of what anyone may think of us if we tell them, even God!  The thing is…He already knows what is on our hearts and in our minds (the LORD knows the thoughts of man – Ps 94:11), He is just waiting for us to confess and release those thoughts to Him in prayer.  Only then will we be at rest. 


We are so blessed to have an all-knowing, all-seeing, powerful God.  Take the time right now to give Him all of your heart, not just 99.9%.  To truly rest in His presence, we must abandon ourselves to Him and His will.  Won’t you pray a prayer today telling God that He is your everything and that you want to give Him ever aspect of your life?  You’ll be amazed how peace will follow…


“Open the eyes of my heart Lord, I want to see you….” (worship song by Paul Baloche)

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